Beginner Kite Course


Recommended Course Time: 9-12 hours 

Group Size: 2-3 students per instructor (private lessons are available on request)


  • 6 hours   (4 hrs private):   270$
  • 9 hours   (6 hrs private):   360$
  • 12 hours (8 hrs private):   460$

The kite lagoons of Paje on the south east coast of Zanzibar are famous for their beginner friendly conditions . Steady mild winds pick up from June to October and lessons are planned on the tides.

Part 1 (2-3 hrs): 

Your intro lesson starts with trainer kite set up, weather and spot analysis  and then following with the first tries on the kite. By now you get your first impression of what kitesurfing is. Your next step is "rigging" or setting up your inflatable kite and lines . Your instructor will go though details on the kite as well as safety systems on the bar. After finding a good training area with your instructor, you begin your first piloting of the larger inflatable kites. After mastering the basic kite control and steady positions you move on to controlled "body dragging". This technique is one of the highlights of the course as you get to experience the thrill of a kite in full power. At this point you start to get more independent from your instructor. You learn how to control your kite as you navigate down wind under power and walk upwind with control. 

Part 2 (2-3 hrs):

After checking the gear your instructor explains launching and landing procedures and allows you a few supervised attempts. Back into our salty playground for a few more hours of kite flying and body dragging skills. The most important skill before board attempts is the upwind body drag . This skill is imperative in retrieving your board after the inevitable wipe outs you are bound to endure. This also leads on to self rescue procedures and what to do in case of emergency.

Part 3 (2-3 hrs):

This lesson stage is directed mainly at first riding and polishing of general skills. Now it the time when it all starts to come together but definitely not without some water up your nose. You will practice riding on both "tacks" and attempt body positions for efficient upwind riding. You will also learn right of way rules and how to avoid other riders. 

Part 4 (2-3 hrs):

Depending on previous experiences and how naturally talented you are, the next hours are focused on the water start, board riding skills and potentially first turns and upwind riding.