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Note all prices are in USD ($) per person and subject to change.

Trips & Lessons

  • US$60 per person
  • US$75 per person
  • US$230 per person
  • US$55 per person per trip
  • US$530 per person


// Boat Trip

// Guide / Group Lessons

// Equipment

// Snacks & Water

// Marine Park Fee

// Shuttle from Jambiani, Paje or Bwejuu


Do you have your own Board? Get 10% Off our Rates

Private Lessons

  • US$80 per person
  • US$305 per person
  • US$450 per person
  • US$570 per person
  • US$700 per person

Semi Private Group Lessons (2:1)

  • US$45 per person
  • US$250 per person
  • US$ 375 per person
  • US$480 per person
  • US$580 per person

Introduction Course Special

  • US$90 per person
  • US$90 per person

Specialized Lesson

  • US$90 per hour
  • US$100 per hour


// Experienced Instructor

// Equipment during Lesson Time

// Insurance on Equipment

// UV Shirt during Lesson

// Level Card after completion of Course

Please note that on Semi Private Group Lessons Instructor and Equipment are Shared


Lessons with own Equipment

Do you have your own Gear? If you are using your own gear on lessons there is a 15% Discount on the Course Rates.


Groups of 3 Students

Want to do Lessons in a Group of 3? We do not recommend it as there is a lot of time waiting in-between and progression slower, however we can if you insist and the third person in the group pays half price.

Full Gear Rental

  • US$40
  • US$60
  • US$80

Kite Only Rental

  • US$30
  • US$45
  • US$60

Board Only Rental (Twintip)

  • US$15
  • US$25
  • US$40

Surfboard Rental

  • US$25
  • US$40

Foil Board Rental

  • US$35
  • US$55

Harness Rental

  • US$10
  • US$15
  • US$20


We are using the latest Naish Equipment at our Center and update our gear regularly to offer a safe and enjoyable kite experience to our guests.

Risk Free Rental Packages



// 20% Discount on Full Rental Period when Renting 3 – 6 Half Days or Full Days

// 25% Discount on Full Rental Period when Renting 7 – 10 Half Days or Full Days

// 30% Discount on Full Rental Period when Renting 11 or more Half Days or Full Days

Package Conditions:
// Discount applied on Full Rental Period from Day 1
// Full and Half Days can be Mixed individually within a Rental Period

// Discount applies on Full and Half Day Rentals only

// Hourly Rentals are excluded from this Discount


Equipment Insurance

Insurance on Equipment is not included on Rentals. We highly recommend signing up with an Insurer before you decide to rent gear anywhere in the world. We can highly recommend the Watersports Insurance from VDWS called Safety Tool which insures you worldwide on Watersport gear rental and has some extra perks too. Insurance Prices start from as low as 39€ per year for their basic package. Find out more via this link:


Kite Equipment Storage

  • US$8
  • US$45
  • US$70
  • US$20


// Storage Locker (big enough to fit 2 Kiteboards and 4 Kites Easily)

// Beach Assistant Service: Launching & Landing Service

// Use of all our Beach Facilities incl. Beachbeds & Shower

// Great vibes around the Center

SUP Rental

  • US$10
  • US$20

SUP Tours

  • US$35 per person
  • US$40 per person

Please note that SUP Tours need a minimum of 2 Guests.

Downwinders by Boat need a minimum of 3 Persons or are subject to a Surcharge if booked Private or for two.


Contact us for any questions and inquiries and we will be happy to sort you out for your time in Zanzibar.

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Paje Beach, Zanzibar
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