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Have you ever dreamed of effortlessly gliding above the water? Wing foiling is the latest innovation in board sports which uses the power of the wind and water. It allows you to enjoy calm water and light breezes.

Join us for your first wingfoiling experience in Zanzibar.

Wing foiling is fun!

We use the latest Naish gear at our school and all equipment is kept in a great condition and replaced regularly. Why should you choose to take Wingfoiling Lessons? Well, that’s easy.

  1. For everyone: Beginners can quickly pick up the basics
  2. Fitness Benefits: Mastering wing foiling challenges your balance, core strength and coordination. Which makes it a full body workout
  3. Connecting with the nature: Gliding over the tropical water by the wind.

Convinced? Then check our wingfoil courses and rental plans.

Courses for all Levels
We offer Wingfoil lessons for complete beginners as well as for those who already tried

Latest Equipment
Get to learn or ride with the latest Naish Wingfoil Gear

Certified Instructors
All of our instructors come with extensive experience and a certification by an accredited kite organisation

Worldclass Spot
Our Center is located at one of the beginner friendliest spots with beautiful turquoise lagoons

Discover Our Wingfoiling Courses & Services


Our beginner friendly lessons start from scratch as it is not necessary to have had any previous experience.<br /> Your first lesson will be an introduction to the sport and equipment needed for this exhilarating sport. You will learn about the equipment needed, the safety aspects and procedures and get to explore the power of the wing while standing on the beach. We then take you onto the water where you will have a chance to practice what you have learnt on an inflatable SUP board before moving on to the foil.


Have you done a course before but you are not independent enough yet to go out yourself? This course is for everyone who already knows the fundamentals, but wants to take their riding to a good level and master the skill of gliding above the water. Some may catch on quickly while others will need to put in some extra work. Always fun and laughs while out on the water as we move from newbie to intermediate foiler.


You already know how it is done and are excited to set sail and cruise the Zanzibar coastline? Then swing by over the mid to high tide and pick up some gear to rent for yourself. Our rental packages are discounted the more you go without having to commit before hand.

Some Rates

  • $100
  • $340
  • $60 / Hour


Contact us for any questions and inquiries and we will be happy to sort you out for your time in Zanzibar.

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Paje Beach, Zanzibar
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