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Wave Surfing in Zanzibar

Surf Zanzibar Waves with the Aquaholics Crew

Zanzibar is a beautiful little island in the Indian Ocean with tropical climate, warm water and a great vibe. It has become a very popular destination for water lovers, as it is a top destination for divers and kitesurfers.

But can you really surf Zanzibar waves? Yes. And the surfing conditions here are better than what many people would imagine…

Surf Zanzibar waves and get stoked with us while we discover the uncrowded reefs.

Surf Trips for all Levels
We surf different spots suited for all level surfers

Wide Range of Gear
From beginner soft tops to shortboards and everything in-between, we got you covered

Experienced Guides
Our experienced surf guides and surf instructors will ensure a safe and fun surfing experience in Zanzibar
All inclusive
All our surf trips include a free shuttle, boat ride, gear rental, surf guiding or group surf lessons, Marine Park Entrance Fees, snacks & water
Spot for Beginner Surf Zanzibar

Discover our Surf Trips & Courses

...and don't miss out on this fun salty adventure surfing Zanzibar waves during your visit in Zanzibar



Learn to surf with us in Zanzibar on our beginner surf sessions. These surf trips go out every day and are great for you if you have never tried surfing before, already surfed a few times or can stand up on the board but are still learning to read the waves, get the timing right for getting up and working on those bottom turns to ride down the line. The beginner trips are always held in Dongwe, where we’ve found a great little beginner wave that is very consistent almost year around. This spot on the inside of the reef stays small even on big swell days and provides a safe learning environment for newbies. The spot can still be a lot of fun on the soft boards and longboards if you already have some experience, as the waves are long and great to just cruise down the line. On really small swell days we have a few other spots in the area that we surf outside the reef.

The Beginner Surf Trips include everything from pick up to drop off (if you are staying around the Paje area) and the total duration is around 4 – 4.5hrs long. Surf Lessons are held in Groups of up to 6 students per surf instructor.


// Transfer to Dongwe / Meeting in Dongwe at our Surf Base at The Sands Beach Resort

// Sign In & Surf Equipment Preparation (Surfboard, Reef Shoes, Lycra)

// Introduction & On Land Surf Lesson for Beginner Surfers and Safety Briefing for the Full Group

// Short Boat Trip to the Surf Spot chosen for the Day

// 1.5 – 2 Hour Surf Time & Group Surf Lesson in the water

// Snacks & Boat Departure to the Beach before heading back home



Our famous Dongwe Doughnut surf trip is a great excursion if you want to do more than just surfing and are keen for a fun filled day out on the boat. This surf trip combines three different activities in the beautiful waters right off Dongwe: Underwater Wing, Snorkeling in Blue Lagoon and Surfing. This salty adventure is around 1.5 hours longer than the beginner surf trip adding extra time for activities without cutting the time in the surf short. Before heading to the surf spot you will have the chance to experience our unique underwater wing. Equipped with a snorkel mask you will get towed behind the boat holding on to the wing. While you are in full control the underwater wing brings you down deeply and in the same speed back up to the surface. Spins and dolphin-like moves are part of the fun and everybody gets the chance to try his or her mermaid and merman skills. We then continue to Blue Lagoon, the by far best snorkel lagoon on the Southeast Coast. An approximately 30-45 minute snack & snorkel stop will let you have the chance to see the beautiful underwater life of Zanzibar. Just with the change of tides we then make our way to the surf spot in Dongwe for everyone to catch some waves. After a good surf and some fun waves we make our way back to the boat and beach. This trip is all in all around 6 Hours long.


// Transfer to Dongwe / Meeting in Dongwe at our Surf Base at The Sands Beach Resort

// Sign In & Surf Equipment Preparation (Surfboard, Reef Shoes, Lycra, Snorkel Masks)

// Introduction & On Land Surf Lesson for Beginner Surfers and Safety Briefing for the Full Group

// Underwater Wing Experience (around 10 minutes per person) & Snorkeling in Blue Lagoon (around 30 – 45 minutes)

// Trip to the Surf Spot and 1.5 – 2 Hour Surf Time & Group Surf Lesson in the water

// Snacks & Boat Departure to the Beach before heading back home


Our intermediate and advanced Surf Trips are guided surf trips to the best surf breaks in Zanzibar depending on the Season and conditions. Luckily during the December to March season we can find a consistent wave for skilled surfers just outside our beginner teaching spot which is almost surfable on a daily basis. During the June to October season these trips depart from Paje but run less regularly since this spot is a lot more tide and condition depending compared to the beginner spot.

Our guided surf trips for intermediate and advanced surfers are suitable for everyone who is paddle fit, can comfortably catch waves on their own, bottom turn and follow the wave, duck dive or turtle roll. Note there is no lessons on these trips but if you are interested in intermediate / advanced coaching let us know and we can send you an individual offer. The trips are around 4 – 4.5 hours long and surfing time on the trip is around 2 hours depending on the conditions of the day and sometimes longer during June – October season as we get a longer window of good surf on the spot.


// Transfer / Meeting in Dongwe or Paje depending on Season

// Sign In & Surf Equipment Preparation (Surfboard & Lycra)

// Boat Trip to the Surf Spot chosen for the Day

// around 2 Hour Surf Time with Guide

// Snacks & Boat Departure to the Beach before heading back home

Our Surf Trip Rates

  • $60
  • $75


  • $230
  • $55 per session
  • $530
Surf Zanzibar Waves

Most asked questions about Surfing in Zanzibar

We offer Surf Trips on a daily basis almost all year around. Our surf season starts from 1st of December until 15th of March and then again from 1st of June to 31st of October, however we run our beginner lessons all through until mid November. Throughout the season the conditions are great for beginners on a daily basis. For more intermediate / advanced surfers we get the most consistent swells in January and February as well as from June – September with bigger waves.
Average Zanzibar swells are between 1.1m – 1.5m in season. This means that our beginner spot will provide waist high waves on average and the intermediate / advanced spots on the outer reefs chest to head high waves. We can get bigger waves than that although conditions are generally most fun and cleanest with medium sized swells.
The amount of guides depends on group size and level of surfers. All our surf lessons are group lessons and usually no more than 6 students per instructor. We are the only ones in the spot which means even in a bigger group you will be able to catch a lot of waves and progress nicely.
No. All surfing spots in Zanzibar are out on the reef and only accessible by boat.
The surf trips are scheduled with the tides and conditions and times are changing daily. Please check with us at least one day in advance to find out about the schedule and availability for the next day (this way you won’t miss an early morning session as well. Earliest start is before sunrise and latest start at 15:00 until Sunset.

Surfing on your own is not recommended as spots are not well known by anyone else and can be hazardous with rip tides , shallow reef sections and sea urchins. Your board rental is included in our trips but unfortunately it is not possible to rent a board outside of our arranged tours or a chance to keep practicing by yourself after a lesson and we will have to wait for the next day for the right tides again to get surf able waves in Zanzibar.

Due to the tides in Zanzibar, we only get one chance to surf in a day for between 1.5 – maximum 3 hrs.

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Contact us for any questions and inquiries and we will be happy to sort you out for your time in Zanzibar.

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