Kitespot & Conditions

Our Spot

Our Kite & Surf Center is located in Paje right on the best kite spot of the island.

The kite beach and its sandy lagoons in Paje are of world class quality with consistent warm winds and tropical waters. The water temperature never drops under 24 degrees and, often in summer, can reach up to 30 degrees inside the lagoon.

The spot is ideal for beginners and offers a perfect training ground for everyone. During low tide you will find great flat-water lagoons. Over mid and high tide wave spots out on the reef can be reached and amazing downwinders planned.

Wind Conditions

We get two main kite seasons over the year. From June to the end of September the winds blow from the  South and shift to the North over the next season from the middle of December to the middle of March. Wind strength is commonly around 15-18 knots with few stronger days reaching up to 30 knots. The wind on the east coast is almost always cross shore and very stable only gusting 2-3 knots at most.

We recommend to mainly bring kite sizes slightly larger than you normally ride, as the warm tropical winds are less dense and therefore not as powerful as in other destinations.

Most used kite sizes in Zanzibar: 9m – 15m


The huge tides on the East Coast of Zanzibar affect the spots and kiting conditions. During low tide you get best teaching and learning conditions with shallow flat-water lagoons. Pushing and high tides are better for downwinders and more advanced riders, as well as wave kiting on the outer reefs.