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Surfing in Zanzibar

Zanzibar has never been one of the top 10 surf holiday destinations and doubtful it ever be. That is basically due to the african continent being in the way of any major southern swells.
But … What a surf holiday in Zanzibar does have tho, is gorgeous warm crystal clear waters and a consistent waist high wave along the barrier reef, along with a great lifestyle and many other water sport activtities to choose from.  The reef in Zanzibar is not as gnarly as some other tropical islands surf spots. Its generally flat and rocky and can be home to many sea urchins (spiky crustations you don’t want to stand on). Dolphins and turtles are seen regularly along the coastline and often join you for a surf session. Local fisherman often gather and watch the first surfers in Zanzibar as we discover new spots all around the island. 

During the december to april season we do get anti- cyclones in the indian ocean which can send some proper ground swell our way, and that’s when all sorts of surf spots start working. Throw in an offshore day and we have breaks where u can trade stand up barrels with only a handful of surfers out.

Zanzibar is quite chancy for waves, so the knowledge of where to go is an essential. Swell and wind direction are vital to get any form of decent wave to surf as well as tides and moon faze. Different sections on the reef break on different conditions and some are really worth the boat trip out.
We  have found a sandy surf spot on the reef with smaller waves for beginners and intermediate surfers  where we run our surf lessons: “Dongwe Doghnuts”. This spot is great for learning as we can stand up with only sand beneath us. Dongwe Doghnuts also has an outside section where bigger sets break for more advanced surfers. This wave walls up and races down the reef and offers great technical surfing with more power than other spots along the reef.

Pack your suncreme and paddle out with us into the best place in Zanzibar.


Contact us for any questions and inquiries and we will be happy to sort you out for your time in Zanzibar.

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