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Shared 3 Day Kite Course for Complete Beginners (Groups of 2)


The kite lagoons of Paje on the south east coast of Zanzibar are famous for their beginner friendly conditions. Get hooked and learn this addictive sport with us.

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Please Pick a Start Date

Note: If signing up Children, the Participants must have a 35kg Minimum Body Weight. Start Date in our calendar will be the first Day of Lessons (not your arrival date).

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The kite lagoons of Paje on the south east coast of Zanzibar are famous for their beginner friendly conditions. Get hooked and learn this addictive sport with us.

Join our experienced team of instructors and learn to kite with us in paradise.

The 3 Day Course is perfect to get you started and progressing.

3 Hours of shared Tuition each of the 3 Days will teach you the basics of kitesurfing and hopefully get you on the board for some first riding.

Your Lessons will be planned and scheduled according to the tides and shared with you after booking. Earliest start is 09:00 and latest finish 18:00.

The Kite Course will be from our Paje Head Office, next to Ocean Restaurant on the main Hotspot for Kitesurfing.


– 9 Hours of Semi Private Lessons (2 students sharing gear and lessons) with an experienced Guide

– Equipment and Gear Insurance for the Lesson Time

– Level Card at completion of course

– $3 Marine Park Entrance Fee per person per Day (imposed by local government in November 2023)


What to bring

– Sunscreen

– Swimwear

– Sunglasses & Hat

– Drinking Water



The first part of this course will teach you the basic kite flying skills. You will start with a short lesson flying a small trainer kite on the beach to learn about the wind, power zone and very basic control. After mastering this you will learn how to set up the inflatable kite, which other gear it takes and of course the theory on safety systems on your kite. After this part of theory you will move to the water flying the big kite standing in shallow water.
If you are really good with the kite control your instructor may even be able to already move on to body dragging on the first day – but this will entirely depend on the instructors judgement and most people do this during the second day.
The second day after having the flying and control down, you will spend the lesson doing body dragging, which is really fun as you will experience the power of the kite. You basically learn how to get the kite to drag you. You do this without the board and just let yourself be dragged through the water. This goes two directions – downwind and upwind. Upwind body dragging is a bit more difficult to learn but extremely important in order to for example get back to your board when you loose it during board start lesson
Usually the board is part of your lesson on Day 3 once the basic kite flying as well as upwind and downwind body dragging skills have been acquired. Once you start with the board it can take anything from a day to a week to get the riding mastered – this is really individual from person to person.


Contact us for any questions and inquiries and we will be happy to sort you out for your time in Zanzibar.

+255 (0) 776 897 978
Paje Beach, Zanzibar
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